Will Your Business Survive If You Continue to Ignore the Books?


When you're growing a business, you need to keep your eye on your daily activities to make sure that you maintain your sales and control your expenditure. If you provide a product to a specific marketplace, then you need to be sure that you buy in the raw materials or components that you need in advance and that you continue to market to the right sector so that people will buy your stuff. All of this can be challenging and can take up most of your time, and it's little wonder that you don't have the capacity for administrative work. Why do you need to address this challenge as a matter of urgency?

Too Busy

If all of your time is spent engaging with suppliers, vendors and customers, then it may be tempting to overlook a lot of the paperwork. For example, you may agree on terms with the supplier and intend to revisit that agreement in a few months' time, while you may have taken on a contract to supply a key customer. Certainly, the figures may have looked good during the negotiation, and you are confident in your decision, but is this reflected in your bank account at the end of the month?

Cash Flow

A typical business has a number of set costs each month and variables which depend on sales. It can be challenging, however, to understand how money flows in and out unless you pay close attention to bookkeeping.

Overlooking the Essentials

Many overstretched business owners forget to send an invoice out at the same time as they supply the goods. They may get round to this in a week or so, but the lag can have a significant effect on their business income. Furthermore, some customers may pay according to the agreed deadline, but others may not, and this can add to the challenge at the end of the month.

Hire a Bookkeeper

It is simply not enough to 'wing it' in this situation as such a lax approach can easily result in a cash flow crunch. It may only take one such experience to prompt you to take action if you are unable to meet your obligations due to a lack of available money.

Bring in a bookkeeping professional to take care of all of this hassle. They fully understand the ins and outs of a cash flow forecast and will keep on top of invoicing at the same time. They can also draw your attention to anything untoward which you might otherwise have missed.


9 April 2020

Working on Your Accounts

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